#13 How the Make Bank will fight creative poverty


Made by Folk (as well as FormFiftyFive and Editions of 100 in the past) have always been passion projects for Daniel and myself. So we want to find out what others are doing in their spare time and of their own motivation. We believe that side projects can open doors and lead to great things, so in this second season we’re going to try and find the best side projects out there.

“It’s about addressing some of the issues surrounding ‘creative poverty’ and pupils’ access to art and design subjects and careers. During my research I became aware that an increasing number of UK pupils from deprived backgrounds are choosing not to study creative subjects in school. This happens for a number of reasons but often because they don’t have, and can’t afford, the tools they need to complete their coursework or aren’t aware of the breadth of opportunity that exists in our industry.” — Kirsty Thomas

The Make Bank will provide materials kits for economically disadvantaged pupils which will enable them to pursue a future in the creative industries. For now, they are focussing on kits for pupils age 14+ but are also developing a mentoring network and, in time, they’re hoping to introduce a university scholarship scheme.